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Signal Conditionning Expertise

Signal Conditionning Expertise

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Founded in 1993, FIRELEC is a developer and manufacturer of electrical and electronic technologies for industrial automation and process control market.
Our products are particularly suitable for Digital Control system (DCS) and Programable Logic Controller (PLC) interfacing. They are generally used on process plants (chemical, petrochemical pharmaceutical, Oil & Gas) for the interfacing of the process signals (inputs and outputs) between the plant and the process automation utilities. Firelec provides products and cables for standard, Intrinsicaly safe and safety signals.

Standard products and cables

Our range of Field Termination Assemblies (FTA) and cables, provides an efficient way for the quick interconnexion between the various pieces of the measurement and control chain.

Our FTAs can connect, convert (with or without galvanic isolation) and protect (current limitation, fuses, ...) different sort of signals, like :

Analog inputs and outputs :

  • 4-20 mA and 0-20mA
  • 1-5 and 0-10 Vdc
  • Thermocouples and RTDs (with or without linearization)

Discrete inputs and outputs :

  • Dry contact
  • Proximity switches (inductive or capacitive)
  • Electromechanical relays (AC or DC voltage)
  • Solid State relays (AC or DC voltage)

Custom Electronics

Our experienced engineers and technical staff can design and produce assemblies according to the highest quality standards with 100% test and inspection on all assemblies and enclosures.
We work with the customer team from design specification through production to deliver :
  • Pre-assembled electronic modules
  • Design and production prototypes
  • Custom printed circuit board products
  • Interconnexion cables

As we manage and control all phases of the development and prototyping within our integrated and flexible team, we can propose to our customers a very short time to market for their products.