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Hartmann & Braun (H&B)

Hartmann & Braun was founded in Germany in 1879, becoming a leading supplier of instrumentation devices by the turn of the century. In the 1920's, Hartmann & Braun expanded its offering to control equipment, and has since become a leading supplier of both instrumentation and control equipment. Hartmann & Braun became part of the ABB product catalog with the aquisition of Elsag Bailey in 1999.

  • Contronic P™

    At the beginning of the 80th, Hartmann & Braun has launched the digital control system Contronic™ for the process industries. In may 1999, the Contronic™ has been officially removed from the market. Firelec has developed a wide range of adapters and interconnection cables particularly suitable to the interfacing of the Contronic™ inputs / outputs for the migration of these toward newest systems